Frequently asked questions

How do I assign a number to my invoice? You can assign invoice a number by printing/downloading or sending it by email.
How can I change the current invoice number? You can change your current invoice number by going to settings and changing the invoice number input.
How do I activate taxes? You can enable taxes by adding your GST/QST numbers in settings.
How can I send my invoice by email to my client? You can send an invoice by previewing it and clicking on the Send link.
How can I configure my email to send invoices You can setup your email in settings.
How can I change my rate? You can change your rate in the services.
How can I get my invoice? You can download the invoice by previewing it and clicking Download.
How can I print my invoices? You can print your invoice by previewing it and clicking on Print.
How can I have more advanced help? You can contact us by creating a message in the help section.
How can I remove the Libellum logo from invoices? You can remove it, if you have a Pro account, by going in settings and activating "Remove Libellum from documents".
How can I access settings? The link to access the configurations is located in the horizontal menu at the top right in the application, it is represented by a gear icon.
Where can I change my password? You can change your password in settings.